Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet Facing Display Module Shortage

samsung-galaxy-tab-89-facing-display-shortageYou may have heard about what’s going on with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Yes, this tablet is going to launch very soon, but as what it’s been revealed in the past, Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not alone. There is the other brother – the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (which has a smaller screen but similar functionality) that is going to roll out, too.

However, it seems this little brother is not as popular as the 10.1 model as we haven’t heard anything obvious about this model. Look at the highlighted news in the market, all of them are focusing on the larger model instead of this 8.9 model. So what’s the problem here?

Well, according to the information that we have obtained, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet is having a sort of shortage. Samsung is having a problem to secure their own share of the LCD display screens on the market, where LCD screen is currently the most wanted module in the market. Suppliers just can’t keep up with the crazy demand that keep growing like splitting cells.

Because of this, Samsung might end up to use a different version of display if their supplier is unable to fulfill their demand. That’s mean the Galaxy Tab 8.9 gets a dimmer screen with chubbier dimension.

[Coated, Android Community]

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