Awar Winning iF Mode Folding Bicycle With Hidden Chain

It’s often that our environment doesn’t have the park we want to walk at, or the river side that we want to ride our bike at. If those spots are far away from our home, riding bike all the way to the destination might not a great solution (it would be dawn once you’ve arrived).

That’s why people will bring their bike on their car, drive it to that desired park or river side before they fire up their foot muscle to do their exercise. However, not all bikes are small and not all car is capable of containing a full size bike. Leaving option to tie it up on the roof that might risking to scratch the car roof badly.

Luckily, a folding bike would solve the problem. Not only it’s a full size bike, you can store it just fine in your car once it’s folded. The latest folding bike that has the most functionality and features is this iF Mode Folding bike.


This award winning iF Mode Folding bicycle provides a solution to fold-unfold the bike in a mere 3 seconds or less. This is super time saving when comparing to other folding bike in the store. Even better, iF mode Folding bicycle is featuring a hidden chain with zero maintenance. Never afraid of the lubricating oil on the chain would stain your sock or cloth anymore!


Meticulously engineered by British inventor Mark Sanders in conjunction with Pacific Cycles, this stunning fold-up bike features a stylish monocoque frame with a single action swing-arm. This unique system allows you to flip open or collapse the whole shebang in less than 3 seconds, automatically linking the wheels together and allowing the bike to be wheeled around rather than carried when folded. It’s 100% idiot-proof. No really, we’ve tried it.

The IF Mode folds quickly and easily

Ideal for anyone who uses public transport or a car for part of their commute, the iF Mode makes oily socks a distant memory as its chain is enclosed within its streamlined modular frame. Use it to cycle to the station, the shops, the gym, the cinema, or anywhere else that’s too far to walk but too near for any other mode of transport.

Unlike those dorky tiny-wheeled contraptions you see vicars riding to the church fete, this triumph of engineering boasts a full-size frame and proper wheels so you sit in a natural riding position and get balanced handling. It even utilises an ingenious kick button allowing you to change gears with your heels.

Too far to cycle? No problem!

Actually, come to think of it, forget commuting, the iF Mode is so eye-catchingly cool it deserves to be used for recreational cycling too. Hang it in the hall folded and it could almost double up as a futuristic art installation. So what are you waiting for? On yer bike!


Firebox is selling this award winning iF Mode folding bicycle for £1699.99 as a pre-order. If you care to own a luxurious folding bike, this iF mode foldable bike is a nice choice.

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