Tron Legacy Light Cycle CaseMod

Sometimes a fan of a stuff can do crazy things because they are so in love with their “stuff”. Well, I wouldn’t dare to spend thousands to get my “heroes” merchandises or even have to mod my computer into something so “space eating” to just make sure that my friends (or the world) knows that I’m a fan of my ‘hero’. Well, that’s only me. Different story told by this amazing member called Boddaker from Cooler Master Forum.

Obviously, Boddaker is a PC enthusiast, and at the same time he is a true ‘Tron Legacy’ fans. Fans can contribute in unlimited kind of ways to show their love and passion, so Boddaker as a PC enthusiast, has re-created the popular vehicle in the movie – the Light Cycle as his computer case!


See? that’s what a fan could do – I would call it crazy stuff, but also admired their devotion their something they love. This amazing Tron Legacy Light Cycle PC Case is put together with acrylic board using Plasti-Paste outline. All of the components have been arranged neatly into the center room of the light cycle, where you can view it through the transparent glass side door glowed with blue LED lights.


Obviously, this case mod is one of the coolest case modding of the year for Tron Legacy. Well done Boddaker! It’s nice that the Tron Keyboard and mouse also make their appearance in the photo.


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