Wooden Retro TV iPad Dock

If you are getting an iPad tablet for your home usage and you are not planning to bring around in your bag, this nice little Wooden Retro TV iPad dock might be suitable for you. Since you are not going to bring it around, you are left with the choice to put it on the table or desk. Retro TV iPad dock is made for that purpose and it’s practically want to turn your modern tablet into an “ancient” television set to cure your retro syndrome. Watching retro movies are great with such settings.


As for the compatibility, this wooden retro TV iPad dock is compatible with both iPad and iPad 2, but sadly you can’t fit in both if you have them. Another fact is that this Retro TV iPad Dock is hand made. You can order one at Etsy right now for $60, but expect to have some delay on your order, unless there is a stock left in the seller’s inventory.

Since it’s handmade and made with wood, you should definitely get this iPad dock if you fall in to these categories:

  • You are eco lover – like everything natural and made from wood
  • You haven’t own any iPad dock for your iPad tablet yet

$60 is a reasonable level of price for handcrafted items. handmade cases like Vaja alone has cost way over the limit, excluding the materials itself. You can also consider that you are buying an artwork that is useful for your tablet. Well, head on over to Etsy for more details.

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