Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 Launched

If you are in the market long enough for a comfortable keyboard, you might have found yourself stumbled upon Microsoft so called Comfort Curve keyboard. Yep, they are one of the model in the market that actually care about their users, especially hardcore typists or bloggers. I’ve used their Comfort Curve keyboard 2000 and I should say it’s pretty much a great piece of keyboard for easy typing. Now, since that model has been discontinued, Microsoft has come up with a new model called Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 with a better and more natural design.


The goal of curvy keyboard is always the same – providing the best and comfortable typing position for extended typing sessions. I’m not sure if someone else feel the same like me, as an avid typist, I tend to dislike how the basic layout on my laptop’s keyboard. It’s very tiring when typing for long hours and tend to feel the numb on the wrist because I have to bend it to a certain position.

That is why I opted for an “external” keyboard to do its job, and I’ve own more than three keyboard with the curvy type. I believe if one of them broken, this Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 3000 will be my next target. The reason is simple:

  1. It’s comfortable
  2. I can type longer without wrist aches
  3. It’s cheap!

You don’t read me wrong. It’s cheap. Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 is only $19.99 if you pre-order it now at Microsoft online store.


Of course, if you want me to be honest with you, I think I would love to get some curvy keyboard with rest pad around the lower side. Also, I’m a multimedia freak and love to have bunch of easy accessible hotkeys to control the playbacks. As you can see, this $19.99 Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 have no such thing as a palm rest/wrist rest and the hot keys are limited.

But if comfortable fingers-typing experience is all you need, Microsoft comfort curve keyboard 3000 is the latest and best budget-friendly curvy keyboard.

[Source: TCMagazine]

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