Telescope Camera Lens Case For Apple iPad 2

Fancy for a telescope lens for your iPad 2? If you are trying to find the similar solution like Eye Scope for iPhone, this iPad 2 telescope lens from Brando is the right stuff for you.


See? It’s practically the iPad version of Eye Scope case. Brando redesign, enlarge it so you can pair your iPad 2 up with telescope zoom lens. According to the specs, this telescope lens is capable of providing up to 6x zoom using the native iPad 2 lens. That’s extremely useful if you are attending any upcoming keynotes and you are sitting too far from the stage.



All you have to do is to spend $26 on this telescope lens case, and you’ll get two items: the case and the telescope itself. You have to install the case before you can use the telescope, which is a big minus if you’ve already got a funky silicone case protecting the iPad 2. However, if your iPad 2 is still as naked as a baby, this Telescope Camera lens case should be a nice accessory for it.

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