3D Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case

More Angry Birds merchandise has been created and this time it’s a handmade version. Seller at Etsy has come up with a nice looking iPhone 4 case that used the Red Birds in Angry birds as the mascot of the case. If you are both iPhone 4 user and you are interested in Angry birds, this case should worth your consideration.


This 3D Angry Birds iPhone 4 case is coming with hundreds of Swarovski crystal glued at the surface. Including the entire body of the cute Red bird. Well, it’s pretty nice looking at the first sight and fans might want to get one. However, if you are coming into the consideration of bringing your iPhone (with this case installed) around in your pocket, then you’ll have a hard time. Notice that the Big bird that stick on the iPhone 4 case is not flexible, so you won’t be able to stuff this toy into your jeans pocket. Unless you have some kind of big purse, your iPhone 4 will be just a decoration on your room.

However, if you can still get this iPhone 4 case with 3D angry birds, but don’t use it on your phone. Make it as a decoration because I think this handmade merchandise is pretty awesome.

3D Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case

3D Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case

Now, let talk about the sensitive stuff – the price. I believe you’ve had an idea of what is the nature of gadget with Swarovski crystal treatment. It’s one word – Expensive.

This 3D Angry Birds iPhone 4 case is made available for $200 (it’s just a case!) at Etsy. If you happen to have a lot of money to spend on this Summer, go get one.

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