Gigabyte ECO500 Wireless Mouse With 12-Month Battery Life

Gigabyte has just added a new version of eco mouse, which also known as the ECO500. What an eco mouse will do is to provide a longer battery life then other ordinary mice. If ordinary one can get about 3 months of battery life, Gigabyte ECO500 wireless mouse is capable of getting 12-months of battery life.


Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it’s pretty interesting because you don’t have to keep buying battery for the mouse. Gigabyte ECO500 wireless mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries, which translate into a “heavy” mouse to hold in your palm even the design is pretty compact. Oh, as for the design itself, Gigabyte ECO500 looks no where near a friendly and earth loving gadget. It’s brutal, red shining eye like a devil from the abyss, and at the first like it looks like an Batman armor clothing. Am I hallucinating? Well, perhaps…

Okay, so what can you enjoy other than teh battery life? According to the spec list, Gigabyte ECO500 is using 2.4GHz wireless technology that has about 10 meters wireless range, 800/1600dpi adjustable sensitivity, 5 programmable buttons with GIGABYTE sim software, High-precision Laser tracking system and stylish comfortable grip design.


Sadly, Gigabyte haven’t release any pricing details for this wireless mouse yet.

[via TechFresh, Gigabyte]

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