iPhone 4 Game Boy Style Silicone Cases

There is no shortage of idea to turn iPhone into an retro toy. I have seen some of the cool gameboy decals or case for iPhone 4, but yet to see something so detail like this iPhone 4 GameBoy Style Silicone case made by herryp from Etsy.


See that buttons? It’s realistic and popped out like a real one. According to the seller, this gameboy silicone skin for iPhone 4 is lightweight and capable of protecting your iPhone from scratches and bumps. However, this creator is somehow failed to leave the nice tasty Apple logo appear in the display like the iPWN! ipad 2 game boy case has.

However, to cover up the downside, herryp has made this Game boy iphone 4 case available in a range of youthful color selections, which including Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Black color. I can said that this version of Game Boy iPhone 4 case is the most realistic case to date, minus the hold pre-made for the lens of course.


Well, Game Boy fans out there. If you are interested to equip your iPhone 4 with this masterpiece, you can actually get it for as low as $8.90 from Herryp page at Etsy. Hurry if you want one. I’ve checked on the pages (all colors) and there is online 1 left! Urgency marketing? I hope so, if not, you are going to miss the chance to purchase this highly detailed Game Boy iPhone 4 case.

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  • Ebe98

    Where do i buy, the black game boy?

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