Vivitek Qumi HD LED 3D Pocket Projectors

A new portable Pico 3D mini projector from Vivitek dubbed as Qumi HD has started to ship now. This Vivitek projector has been nominated as the world’s first portable pockatable LED HD (720p) 3D-ready pico projector and the projector itself can be connected directly to iPad, PC/Laptop or even your gaming console.


Vivitek Qumi HD LED 3D pocket projector is not just like the usual pocket pico projector with low lumens and contrast ratio. In fact, Vivitek Qumi HD LED projector is having 300 lumens of brightness, and about 2500:1 contrast ratio. That specs is enough to let you see things clearly on an acceptable range. The registered throw ratio is 1.55:1 (distance/width), where you can get about 30-inch screen size at the distance of 3.28 feet (1meter) and about 90-inch at the distance of 9.84 feet (3 meter).

90-inch projection size via a small PICO projector is HUGE! I have one that is capable of throwing about 64-inch and the image has been blurry and dark. Also, not to mention that Vivitek Qumi HD LED 3D pocket projector is having a long lifespan. It’s been stated that the projector has about 30,000 hours of lamp life before you need to replace with a new lamp. That’s about 10 times longer than any ordinary pico projectors available in the market today.


“We know that hours of operation, brightness and picture quality are key factors for consumers. The Qumi incorporates the latest LED and other leading-edge technologies and features, such as 3D, to ensure that it is versatile enough to match the range of portable products out in the market.”
Christopher Yang, senior product manager at Vivitek


Connection wise, I have said that this projector can work well with our game console, haven’t I? Yep, it has a mini HDMI port for HD gadgets, VGA port for PC/laptop and a component connection for old dvd player.

Now, we have arrived at the sensitive topic again. How much you would have to pay for this amazing portable pocket pico projector that support 3D HD projection? From the first sight, I personally thought it would have cost us over $800+ or even thousands of dollars. However, you can actually purchase this projector for just $499 on 16 different online retailers. That’s included my favorite Amazon, Newegg and BestBuy.


If you are asking which retailer has the cheaper deal, then Amazon will be the right choice. No really far from everyone else though, it’s just $0.99 cheaper + Free shipping…

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