G155 Mobile Gaming Briefcase Adds Sturdy Protection And Portable HD display

If you happened to love doing your gaming outdoor, like bringing your TV and Xbox to your backyard where you can play your Halo or Gear of War game while enjoying the green grass and blue sky, you can use this G155 Mobile gaming briefcase to solve the unnecessary hassles.


All you need to do is to put your Xbox 360 into the space inside the briefcase, find a power source nearby, and you can start your gaming session almost anywhere you can thought of. G155 mobile gaming briefcase is coming with a built-in 15.5-inch LED HD display with HDMI input on the lid of the briefcase, while the console is safely protected with bunch of velcro straps and properly padded with foam.

Well, actually, this briefcase is not really the best solution for mobile gaming. Like the picture above suggested, you might found the console having a REOD (Red Eye Of Death) because of overheating/something is blocking the ventilation. But this G155 mobile gaming briefcase is an ultimate carrier that good for airport luggage cruelty where the officers there tend to toss our luggage mercilessly. Unless you are carrying the console on your own piggyback, G155 which has a sturdy rugged plastic shell and sufficiently padded with foam can decrease the risk of breaking the console when tossed.

This nice solution to safely transporting your console from one plane into another one is pretty cool, but the only catch is that you have to pay more than $500, which is about double of the Xbox 360 price.

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