NEC Multi-Touch Wall Has 8 Displays Mixed In One

Over at Japan, NEC has shown off one large multi-touch wall of display that has 8 46-inch display mixed in one. This multi-touch wall is said to be designed for digital presentation and signage, where it would be extremely helpful for remoteless presentation and interactivity shows.


Each of those individual display is featuring 1,366 x 768 pixels, while the whole multi-touch wall itself is featuring resolution up to 5,464 x 1,536 pixels. Currently, the display is only featuring two simultaneous touches via infrared tracking technology because the glass surface you saw in the picture above is an ordinary glass. The following video will let you know how this multi-touch wall work:

According to the company, this display aiming for the business customers that want to throw a show in a showrooms or exhibitions. Like what have stated in the video, Microsoft is the first company to try this multi-touch wall display and it’s been installed in their new showroom.

Price fact, NEC haven’t release any details of it yet.

[Source Crunch Gear]

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