Cicadidae Alarm Clock Concept Is The Idea To Have Alarm Everywhere

Want to have the most effective alarm clock that could wake you up in the morning? Jongwoo Choi has the idea! This Korean designer has just created a concept called Cicadiddae (sounds like cicadas!) that will make sure that you are waking up in the frantic mode (or angry mode if you are high-temperament type) looking for bells to turn off.


Cicadiddae is a small alarm clock. What’s amazing on this device is not the alarm itself, but the bluetooth dongles that could be plugged into other audio devices. Once the alarm set off, all of the audio devices, including the alarm clock will scream the hell out of the room to make sure you are awake. Even I do wish to have something like this to exist to knock my sleepy head off my dreams, I certainly don’t want to get into a frantic mode each morning chasing for bells to turn off. :)



The Cicadidae Click is an interesting concept. It functions as a traditional alarm clock named after one of the most annoying families of insects (IMHO), but has a tiny bluetooth dongle with a 3.5 mini jack. Plug it into anything with a 3.5 mm plug with speakers and you could get some really amplified sound when it goes off. Talk about being JOLTED awake! Would anyone use anything like this?

[Via YankoDesign]

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