When Nature Calls: Public Urinal Sends Pee To Plants – I Know My Pees Gotta Functional In Some Way…

It’s pretty interesting to hear that my pees wouldn’t end up in the sewer wasted petting strange colonies or habitats. I’ve heard that Japanese has successfully turn real life dirt from the sewer into a “meat” like the one we have in our hamburger. Yep, it’s disgusting, really. But if something like global food crisis occurs, this is one of the solution to fill our stomach with edible stuff, despite of the fact it’s made of dirt. eat your hams, take a poos, turn it into a hams again, and…

Now, I’m not talking further about the dirt that turned into hamburger meat as it’s pretty ‘dirty’. I’m going to tell you about a nice invention out of an old method – the When Nature Calls public urinal system that turn our urine into a fresh water that could be used to feed plants.


Designed by Eddie Gandelman, this concept is suitable for public toilet installation. The system will filter the urines that goes through the filter system, and end up being a super-energized fresh water with lots of nutrients to water a plants. If you have been believing that your pees should end up being useful in some way, this is the right concept that will make your dreams come true. Even it’s just a concept at the moment, there is a possibility that we can see such thing in the future’s public toilet because it’s a brilliant idea. It also make taking pees enjoyable and fun, where we are thinking that the nutrients is end up being used by the plants/trees. :)

[via Tuvie]

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