Tiny Tim Booklight – Little Tiny Reading Luxo Lamp

You do know Luxo, don’t you? It’s the very popular Pixar’s mascot that you can find it on the opening of every animated movie by Pixar. Now, the relationship between Luxo with this Tiny Tim booklight is probably none, but the shape is really similar that I can’t resist to pull a string between both.


As I mention tiny, this Tiny Tim Booklight is really tiny. At just 5-inch tall, can be folded or clipped to book and fit into the pocket easily like a mini LED flashlight. You can absolutely bring it anywhere. It’s good for outdoors reading, or even on the comfy bed where you don’t really want to turn on the light to disturb your partner.

Tiny Tim Booklight is using LED lamp that shine brightly with rechargeable/replaceable battery. I’m not sure though, where to put or replace the battery, there is no details on this matter yet. According GG, there is a switch somewhere. I believe it is that little nub at the back of the head.

Anyway, this Tiny Tim Booklight is not yet available to purchase. There is an expectation that this booklight will be available soon for $13 each.

In the meantime, you can check out other interesting tiny booklight like M-Edge e-Luminator Touch Booklight, Bookmark Lamp and the Really Tiny Book Light.

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