Field Kitchen – Lots Of Kitchen Stuffs Stuffed in One For a Hefty Price

Tiny apartment owners might just love this type of field kitchen that is a container which stores a mini camping stove and cookware. Even it’s made for camping, it can be used on a small apartment with small kitchen zone. In the compact mode, you are looking at a square shaped aluminum briefcase that could sustain from high impact and also light weight. Once you dig deeper inside, you’ll see a space where you can fit in a portable stove, room for spoon-fork or chopstick, plates, and small room for seasoning salts or paper.


The top lid is made of strong aluminum which could be folded back as a wind shield for the stove, or it can be remove to be used as a serving tray. The aluminum body is also combined with organic Baltic birch plywood panels for unique look for outdoor. Even it’s for indoor usage, it still have its own nice look on the kitchen.


There are several models available in this Field Kitchen K120 series, starting from:

  • vacant model (without stove) for $595
  • Field Kitchen K120C for $695 that has come with dual fuel stove, long leg, side shelf, complete cookware set
  • Field Kitchen K120P for $795, which has all the stuffs you get on K120C, but it’s using propane stove instead of dual fuel type

[via Crunchgear KanZoutDoors, Swiss Miss]

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