Portable Magic Glove Vacuum By Christian Sallustro

Fancy for a genius concept? The latest concept that I can call it brilliant and genius is this Portable Magic Glove by Christian Sallustro. From the first sight, it looks like a cool vacuum cleaner that is pretty futuristic. Magic Glove Vacuum is shaped like a kitchen mitt, but there is a kind of “Power Rangers” wrist strap that is interconnected with the flat vacuum on the palm which has a bunch of nozzles.


I’m not sure if you can find this kind of vacuum cleaner in the near future, but it looks pretty interesting for cleaning up dirty desk or flat surfaces, also places that could be reach by stretching out your hands. Since the joint is kind of flexible, you can dance your hand freely on the dust spot to suck them out. Of course, I found it to be difficult to use if you are going to clean a tighter space, where even hand is unable to slip in. Unless it has some kind of extension to reach smaller area, this magic glove vacuum will not be any all in one vacuum for your home.

I’ll be the first to admit that my cleaning lady, Claudia, is my best friend. Call me lazy, but one of the reasons is that I (& my dog) despise the cumbersome, loud, rolling vacuum that hides in my storage. Now, if vacuuming were as easy, cute, & just plain fun to use as the Magic Glove then I just might have a change of heart. This miniature sized aspirator is powered by a rechargeable battery & is able to brush & vacuum simultaneously, cleaning & dusting all while attached to your hand. Move over Claudia!

[via YankoDesign]

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