Kensington Intros Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball Mouse

Kensington, the London-based accessories and PC peripherals maker has introduced a new wireless mouse called Orbit. Unlike their previous trackball mice, this Orbit trackball is the one that has the most similarity as an ordinary mouse. Most of their collections are either square shaped, flat, or even triangle shaped. Kensington Orbit is normal looking like a casual wireless mouse, except the big red trackball sticking in the top side.


Trackball mouse is very convenient as you don’t have to move your wrist to highlight something with the cursor. Just play with the ball with the fingers and you are good to go. As the part of balancing, Kensington Orbit wireless mobile trackball mouse is friendly to both lefty and righty user. Connection wise, Kensington Orbit is using 2.4GHz wireless technology and there is nano USB dongle that could be store in the trackball itself.

Just like any other trackball, Kensington Orbit won’t cost hundreds to get one. According to the source, this trackball is available soon for $59.99 through Kensington store.

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