LG Electronics Teamed Up With Memjet To Create Machjet LPP6010N A4 Color Printer

After teaming up with a company called Memjet, LG Electronics has release yet another remarkable gadget for the mass. Known as Machjet LPP6010N, this is an A4 color printer that has been claimed as the world’s fastest A4 color printer. While we have seen the Epson Artisan 835 fastest 4×6-inch photo printer in the work, A4 paper is way larger than that. According to the statement from LG Electronics, Machjet LPP6010N A4 color printer is capable of producing 60 pages per-minute on 1600x800dpi resolution. That’s mean 1 page of A4 full color printing is done on a single second!


However, I’m not sure if the color printer is up to that claim or not since there is no actual benchmark done to this device yet. If Machjet LPP6010N can do 60 pages full color printing in 1 minute, it will be the next hot stuff in the market. Who doesn’t love a device that could save much time?

As for the printing technology, LG Machjet LPP6010N A4 photo printer is using an unique 70,000 ink nozzles on single printhead. This type of ink nozzles is said to be able to deliver up to 700 million drops of ink per second on a page, which is one of Memjet’s technology called Page Straight Array. It promises up to 17 times the density when comparing to ordinary printer and this photo printer is going to consume only 32Watts.

I would interested to see how this printer work, but sadly, it won’t be available in the US or any part of the world any sooner as LG Machjet LPP6010N A4 photo printer is going to hit Korea first later on this month. Price is not yet announced as well.

[via Winarco, TechFresh]

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