Razor Made With Rare Metal From The Outer Space Cost $100K

One word I can shout right now: “Shheeet!”

Well, sorry I can’t resist it because who the he*l is going to purchase this razor blade for $100K?!


I know I should quit being personal, but I would rather spend $100,000 on something meaningful, like helping those who are starving in the street by providing a plateful of warm food. However, not everything love to do that and sometimes, there is that “ego” playing the role here.

For those born rich, it looks like they’ve got some kind of “fame” or “acknowledgement” from the society if they can own something extravaganza. Take this Razor blade as the best example. I bet those who purchased this piece of space-junkware is extremely rich, just hit a jackpot in Las Vegas or just out of their minds.

But can’t blame them anyway. This Razor blade is expensive for a reason. The razor itself is made of an extremely rare metal called Iridium, which you can only found it from a meteor from outer-space (that’s why I called it space-junkware, since it’s just a rock from the space :) ) that crashed into our homeland.

Even better, it’s not just a simple rock found in Earth. this Iridium is super dense that it could survive from any temperature, including lava from the volcano. Even you drop it into the volcano, it won’t break apart (but who’s gonna pick it up?).

Also, the sharp blade itself is not with artificially create sapphire that is said to be sharper than any usual blade. The question is, no matter how sharp and how rare this razor is, wouldn’t a normal razor blade done its job to clean your “grass” well? Even if you have money, I guess the most expensive Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver with Jet Clean System is more than enough!

This one can’t resist from volcano for sure, but you are gonna enjoy shaving your grass with this shaver :)

[via Tecca, LaughingSquid]

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