Amenbo: New Input Device To Substitute 3D Mouse

To enhance how the 3D CAD artist use their 3D mouse and regular mouse when designing, Double Research & Development Co. has come up with a new type of mouse, or I should say it’s a new kind of input device called Amenbo. Unlike ordinary mouse, Amenbo has a separated sensors for each fingers and this unique input device is capable of sensing and detecting both movement and pressures from individual fingers. Amenbo is also capable of translating those movements directly into the system which can be utilized for applications that need it.


The best example is 3D designing, where usually an artist would use their both hands on a 3D mouse and regular mouse when designing their objects. With Amenbo, artists can practically do their work with one hand only.

The Amenbo itself shape like a 5-tentacle octopus, which each tentacle has a flexible printed mesh base constructed from a stretchable materials that can be used by users with different hand sizes.

“For example, there are 3D image recognition systems like Kinect, but they do not receive finger pressure. But even if there were pressure sensors to receive pressure information it can do different things than Kinect. It is also different from touch panels since a special sensor is attached to each finger, so it can identify which finger on whose hand it is, and even if you lift your fingers off it can follow them from beginning to end.”

Later the researcher has also made a robot with five fingers that could be operated with this Amenbo. Notice that up to date, most robot has got 2 or at most 3 fingers to interact with object. With a five fingers robot created that could be controlled individual, hopefully the robot can accomplish more tasks that is never been accomplished in the past.

[via Diginfo.TV]

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