Beyzacases Nano Band For iPod Nano 6G Is Classy And Elegant

beyzacases-nano-band-watch-band-for-ipod-nano-6gThere have a lot of type of Watch bands made for Apple iPod Nano 6G because one can simply turn the media player into a nice looking digital watch easily. Instead of making it looks cool, the latest watch band from Beyzacases called “Nano Band” is going to transform the iPod Nano 6G into a nice timepiece with classy and elegant appearance.

The image at the side is showing you their two collection in black and white color. Not only it’s unisex design, Nano Band is made with quality genuine leather with easy clip on feature, and it has a multiple holes for any size of wrist, unless your wrist is as large as hulk, this Beyzacase Nano Band will give you a taste of a classy people.

Sure, this is not for those who love fancy design. If that is your goal, you can find the previous iWatchz G collection, or the tiktok and Lunatik watch band that should suit your taste. However, if you want to be looked as a people who are from the (as if) high society, this Beyzacase Nano Band should give you that look.

I have no idea what the is the price for Beyzacases Nano Band as it’s not yet listed in Apple Store. But If I have to make a prediction, it should hit the $100 mark even it’s using genuine leather. Nobody would buy it if it’s too expensive for just a watch band.

[Beyzacases via UberGizmo]

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