Facebook and Social Media Icon Wall Clock For The Social Fans

If you have been so addicted to social media, especially can’t live without facebooking all the day, you might interested to this handmade Facebook icon wall clock to let you know how much time you’ve wasted on your social chatting and profiling.


Made by a creative individual who called himself/herself as WallDecoration at Etsy. Yes, all of his/her collection is a kind of handmade with a home printer and custom silent quartz movement wall clock. There are two type of facebook wall clock, the wood style and real icon style. The above is the wood model, and the following is the plastic icon model.


The wood one looks pretty cool, but the blue one is lack of good printer. I can see lines created with printer head that supposed to use a refill ink with unproperly head cleaning. No offense though, if the creator can use a high quality printing device and high quality icons to create wall clock, this stuff will worth more than $30, especially for die-hard fans.

[Etsy via GG]

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