Infiniteloop: The Stand That Offers Infinite Solution

Tim Gushue from San Francisco has submitted an interesting project to Kickstarter. Call it as “InfiniteLoop”, which is a flexible yet versatility solution to create a super-flexible stand for iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphones.


Well, I don’t really know if I can call it as a stand at all as you can definitely find a lot of usage out of this InfiniteLoop. Although the starting point is to provide a flexible stand for iPad and iPhone (or any tablet devices and flat glossy rear plate smartphones), you can definitely use it on almost anything that you can think of. Infiniteloop is a modular system where you can connect many of the loops together to come up with a new uses.

The loops will come together with a suction cap that you can attach it to the loop like the following picture.



When not in use, Infiniteloop can be rolled into a compact circle and store it anywhere you want.


Now, depending on how much you plan to donate/pledge, you will get 2 mini loop + suction cap and clip for smartphone if you pledge at least $19. if you like their project and decide to support them even more, pledging $500 or more will give you a limited edition of infiniteloop that has been numbered individually, red version, signed by the designer himself, another 3 limited edition black infiniteloops and miniloops, as well as 7 mwhite infiniteloops and miniloops. Sounds like a nice deal if you have spare cash to spend.

[Kickstarter: InfiniteLoop Project]
[Thanks, Tim!]

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