Mitsubishi 840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV is HUGE

How big a HDTV is enough for you? 46? 55? 60? Well, if those sizes are not big enough to fit your spacious living room, you can opt for this Mitsubishi 840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV when it has been released on next month.


Guess how big this TV is? It’s 92-inch, buddy! Big enough to make your eyes pop out. Of course, if you have a projector like Vivitek Qumi projector that could project screen up to 90-inch, this Cinema TV might have no big impact for you. However, if you are switching from the lousy 21-inch Tube TV to this Mitsubishi 840, get prepare to be surprised by the difference!

Mitsubishi 840 3D DLP home cinema TV is featuring full 1080p HD resolution, can watch 3D movies or content, has a great IST technology (Immersive Sound Technology) that has 16-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1-surround sound system, and great 120Hz sub-frame refresh rate.

I certainly interested with its 16-speaker system and would love to know how is the quality, compared to the dedicated premium 5.1-channel sound system. If it’s standing on the same line, people could just save a lot on buying a separated sound system.

Mitsubishi 840 3D DLP home cinema TV has supported bluetooth for audio streaming, has built-in emitter and four HDMI inputs.

This Mitsubishi 840 3D DLP home cinema TV 92-inch model is going to cost $5,999. Beside 92-inch model, Mitsubishi also rolled out the smaller versions like 73-inch and 82-inch that have been priced at $2,599 and $4,199, respectively.

[CNET via Winarco]

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