Elecom ELESHINING 400Lux USB LED Light Reading Lamp For Laptop

Elecom has released a nice little USB LED light called “Elecom ELESHINING” with up to 400Lux brightness level, which is identical to the light of sunrise or sunset on a bright day. If you are a night worker that love minimum lighting on your desk when working, Elecom ELESHINING USB LED light lamp is a great “reading lamp” to let you see your keyboard laptop clearly to assist typing in the dark.


Elecom ELESHINING 400Lux USB LED light is just 57 grams in weight, with up to 40,000 hours of life span. Amazing really, to think a lamp could last for 4-5 years if you use it 24-hours non-stop.



Even better, this kind of lighting is very cheap. It’s just 1,890 Yen, or $23 USD a pop. If you are interested, you should wait, or ask GeekStuff4U to see if they’ll import it for you or not.

[via Elecom]

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