Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch – Zip Up Like A Dorayaki


Smartfish Technologies, the company behind the super ergonomic mouse and keyboard has introduced a nice piece of mouse pad travel pouch. Yep, it’s a dual function gadget, a mix of mouse pad and mouse travel pouch where you can zip it up like the picture above. Perhaps I’m hallucinating like Doraemon… I do saw it has a folded Dorayaki Pancake shape when it’s completely zipped! :)


Funny vision aside, this Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch is decent mouse pad for traveler. You can enjoy large 9-inch diameter surface work area that could be zipped to half, store easily into laptop bag with full protection on the gadget inside the pouch.

Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch has a decent padded neoprene to make sure the content is safe from bumps or knocks. For $14.95, you can get this travel pouch in the next few day on their website. It will come in blue and black color, but sorry, no pink color for ladies.

[Smartfish via Ubergizmo]

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