SuperTooth HD – The Most Advanced Bluetooth SpeakerPhone For Car

SuperTooth is announcing the availability of SuperTooth HD in the United States. SuperTooth HD is not a new connectivity term to substituted BlueTooth. Instead, SuperTooth HD is the most advanced speakerphone with bluetooth support to hook up with your cell phones or tablets and it can be clipped on a car’s visor. Up to two devices could be connected using SuperTooth HD built-in multi-point technology, and SuperTooth HD allow car driver to check emails, read them, or even text friends using voice-only commands.


SuperTooth HD has twin speaker with V Array technology (consist of two 2.5-watt speaker and 5.4-watt amplifier) that gives a crystal clear spoken sounds, and a dual microphones with anti-echo and DSP control (for noise cancellation) and advanced voice command technology to allow easy voice-texting.


To allow direct voice messaging texting, SuperTooth HD is working together with Dial2Do service that will let you compose message and send to Facebook, Twiter or even writing email and SMS with your voice only. If you purchase SuperTooth HD, Dial2Do is giving out a free 6-months subscription, but once the subscription has expired, you will need to pay for the monthly fee to continue using their service (for $3.99/month only).

The SuperTooth HD is currenlty available on SuperToothStore for $129. For more information, go ahead visit their official page for the details.

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