Thanko ADMEPL01 Android 2.2 Media Box Is Small But Powerful

Getting a HDTV with Smart TV functionality like Samsung LED TV is wonderful because we can do a lot of stuffs instead of just using the TV for watching movies or playing games. However, no everyone has that BIG budget to get the series 7 or above that has the function, especially the feature that allow user to go online without PC.

Thanko-ADMEPL01-Android-22-Media-BoxOf course, gadget manufacturer is not going to sit tight when they’ve seen a prospective market that is “hungry” of solution to turn their non-smart TV into one. Thanko from Japan has come up with their own device that will turn any TV into a “Smart TV”. This device is called ADMEPL01, a mini Media Box which is powered by Android 2.2 OS and it’s capable of providing amazing range of video/audio files support. Even better, you can go online accessing Youtube or other websites to watch your favorite channel.

Thanko ADMEPL01 Android 2.2 Media Box is sold for 9,980 Yen, when properly converted into USD is around $123 (excluding any charges or fees that may occur when importing from Japan). A fairly cheap multimedia box that has supported the following file formats:

  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, Dolby Digital, DTS

There are two ways you can input your data or video source into this mini Media box. Thanko ADMEPL01 Android 2.2 Media Box has come with a built-in SDHC card slot that support up to 32GB to access to the files in the memory card, or you can opt for a wired LAN connection (yes, it has ethernet LAN port) to access to your local network files via DLNA technology.

Thanko ADMEPL01 uses one HDMI output port to hook up with your HDTV, or you can opt for the CVBS composite, or YPrBr component option.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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