Toepener – Uncommon Door Opening Gadget That Makes Sense

Those who are aware of how dirty a door knob is might never want to hold them in the public area. It’s sometimes pitiful watching them using various kind of methods to open a door, especially in public toilet. I’ve seen some that use their entire back to push the door open and slip through, or some even bring a special anti-bacteria fabric to enclose their hand when trying to reach the handle. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient. I really wish that there is some kind of solution where we can open door without using our hands, yet it can be done without crushing our body to the door to push open.

Well, recently I stumbled on this solution anyway. It’s a Toepener, should be stand for “Toe Opener” if you don’t want to hear any strange new word added into your dictionary.


Toepener is an excellent idea designed by Forge, LLC, which is a group of University students of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Though I don’t know why management students have time to design a gadget, I’m guessing their toilet handles are extremely dirty that they have to find a way out.

Toepener is an idea a kind of handle for door that you can install onto the lower part of an existing door. The image above gave you the idea on the location for the Toepener installation.

Since if you think door handles are full or bad germs, a ‘footle’ is the solution. Toepener let you open a door using your feet and slip through like a ninja. Let’s see the demo in the following image:


Amazing hands-free door opening solution! I’m sure if you live alone in your apartment, you don’t need this stuff on your door. However, if you have a restaurant or running a store, Toepener will be a big life saver for yourself and your customer.

If you are interested, Toepener is current available for $49.95 from directly. If you don’t want to buy from them and you think you have the welding skills, you can create one for yourself using the image above as the example.

[via GeekAlerts]

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