Enermax USB Rubber Vegas Cooling Fan Is Shiny!

Love glowing stuffs? Then we are in the same group here. There is a new shiny stuff that you might want to check out. Enermax, the company that focus on manufacturing quality power supplies and cooling fans for PC has introduced a new toy from their factory. Known as USB Rubber Vegas (U. R. Vegas) cooling fan, unlike other cooling fan for PC, it’s extremely shinning in red color (also available in blue). It have 18 diodes of LED lights and 7 switchable modes to change the light show.


What’s great about this USB Rubber Vegas cooling fan is the ability to stick to your steel computer case like a cicada using its built-in magnets in the four corner. That’s mean you can easily detach and attach it anywhere, and it’s not limited to cooling a PC only. The summer is hot, you can actually use it for yourself if you want to save electricity on large fan or air conditioner. Plug it into your laptop and you’ll feel the breeze in your hot room. it’s nice for outdoor, too!

Enermax USB Rubber Vegas cooling fan is available for $20 and will hit the store in July 2011.

[via TechFresh]

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