IPEVO Cushi iPad Stand Double As a Pillow


Those nightworkers in the office chasing for their project accomplishment might love to check out this IPEVO Cushi iPad Stand. In case they are doing work with their iPad, this IPEVO Cushi iPad stand could double up as a comfy pillow to let the rest their head on the table without leaving marks on their face. Hah, resting on the table is sometimes pretty nice you know? Workaholics love this type of activity, anyway. Work until they are tired, rest in the same spot and so happy that they can continue their work once they’ve opened their eyes again. Wish never stand up from the sit and keep working… :)

Well, I certainly not a workaholics like few years ago because I know it’s bad for health. We should “see-through” stuffs and “let go” sometimes, don’t be another mad men in the skyscraper chasing for their goals like no tomorrow. I’m really fortunate that I’m not in that “circle” anymore. But in case you are still in that circle, IPEVO Cushi iPad stand could at least give you a nice head rest and better sleep experience in the work table.

Apart from the IPEVO Cushi iPad stand as a comfy pillow, this stuff is good for your iPad. It’s made with soft foam, covered with cotton denim, and there is a place to put your wireless Apple keyboard for better typing, too (see image above). You can also fold the lower part and turn it into a portable desk for your iPad.


Also, this type of stand is not limited to iPad anyway. You can use it for any tablet you have, and pair it up with any wireless keyboard you have as long as it’s small.

For those who’ve the interest to get one, you can have it for $34.95 at iPEVO.

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