Sharp PW-AC30 And PW-AC40 Pocket Dictionaries With Handwriting Recognizing

In case you are learning Chinese or Korean language right now, Sharp has released two useful gadgets to help cutting your learning curves. Sharp Brain PW-AC30 and Brain PW-AC40 is a new pocket dictionaries that support handwriting recognizing technology to make learning foreign characters easier, especially where they’ve got a lot of lines and slashes to draw.


Sharp Brain PW-AC30 is capable of recognizing Chinese handwriting input, while the latter Sharp Brain PW-AC40 pocket dictionary is capable of recognizing Korean handwriting input. I’d say that Chinese character is more sophisticated as Korean version is pretty “user-friendly” with lots of circle and branch-like symbol to use. But it’s all the matter of your interest after all.

Both pocket dictionaries are using 2.4-inch color touchscreen display with QVGA resolution, has QWERTY keypad like a smartphone, and it also coming with 3.5mm audio jack for listening to the pronunciation.

Both of these pocket dictionaries are going to hit Japan in this July 15, 2011 for 20,000 Yen. In USA? No idea if it will ever come to the States, but in case you are lucky (because you’ve no need to visit Japan for this device) it’s going to cost you at the equivalent price of $250.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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