LG Announces VR6172LVM Vacuum Robot With Self Voice Over Diagnostic

LG, the south Korea based giant company has just announced a new series of vacuum robot dubbed as VR6172LVM. This cleaning robot is shaping like the oldie-folkie iRobot Roomba, but it did has a nicer design treatment with glossy piano black color treatment. This vacuum robot is also known as RoboKing by LG. What’s special in this vacuum robot is that it will operate silently under 48dB, has a Self Voice Over Diagnostic features called “Smart Diagnostic” which will command the vacuum robot to diagnose the surrounding in 30 seconds and self checking on 14 different components. RoboKing VR6172LVM will automatically inform you which part of itself requiring extra attention and need to get fixed.


Looks like another useful autonomous maid is going to enter to our home soon. Sadly, it’s not the one that will crawl and clean our windows. It would be great if they can mix them so user don’t really have to pay for two devices.
Anyway, LG has planned to released this RoboKing VR6172LVM vacuum cleaning robot in South Korea later this month for 779,000 Won, which equal to US$730.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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