Electrolux Dishwasher L Concept – Mixing Both Dishwasher and Lamp In One

A designer from Korea named Kim Joonmin has come up with an interesting appliance for kitchen. As you may have known, dishwasher is one of the type of appliance that will take a lot of space in the kitchen, and need to be properly installed with water pipe and to make sure the dirty water is not remaining in the machine after each cleaning session. Of course, now a portable dishwasher is existed, but it still take up a lot of space and it would be better if it can also functioning as something else. Perhaps that is the starting point for Kim Joonmin with his Dishwasher L concept for Electrolux.


This Electrolux Dishwasher L concept is not just has a revolutionary dishwasher design. The designer even goes further adding a lamp over at the bottom of the appliance. Dishwasher L concept is meant to be installed and hanging down from the ceiling instead of some dishwasher where you have to knee down to insert the dirty dishes. Even better, the designer is trying to add a kind of technology that will recycles and purifies the used water for the next cycle, so consumer have no need to connect a water hose/pipe to supply water to this machine.



Of course, I would agree with you if it sounds ‘dirty’. But If (in the future) someone can develop a super water filter system, this dishwasher L concept may not just become a dream of a human from Korea! :)

[via YankoDesign]

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