Lepen Soldering System Concept

If you are a technical person, you might love to have this type of soldering system that is convenient and safe. Not only you can solder-desolder the PCB board safely (away from the toxic smokes), this Lepen Soldering system is very convenient to use because it’s just like a big ball pen with special dock station.


Designed by Moonhwan Lee, Lepen Soldering system is a cordless solder with dedicated dock station that could both do the re-charging and at the same time it could suck away the smokes from soldering process.

As a complete solution, Lepen Soldering System will help users to feed, melt, and desolder solder with a switchable switch at the pen. You can watch the following video for more details:


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  • Nghia Bui

    Where I can buy this product ? How many of small solder joint can be solder on a single charge?
    Thank You

    • It’s not for sell yet, Nghia. It’s still a concept at the moment and I have no idea when the concept will be materialized. :)

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