TokyoFlash UV Index LCD Watch Concept

Fancy for another alien-tech wrist watch? If so, then you should check out this new watch design from Tokyoflash Design studio. It’s not really made into the production yet, but I assume they’ll do it soon. UV Index LCD Watch concept design is coming with touchscreen, has sensor to detect UV and warn the wearer. This concept is pretty cool as the sun is not really that “friendly” these days. I get sunburn easily just by bathing 30 to 60 minutes on the the direct sunlight. I can assume the UV radiation will be stronger as well, so a concept like this would be wonderful to keep our skins free from bad radiation.


Tokyoflash UV Index LCD watch is capable of measuring UV radiation from zero to eleven to let you know the danger. As for the watch itself, UV Index LCD watch has an always on display with LED backlight in various kind of bight colors (blue, yellow, red or green).


As for the time reading issue, the hours is displayed in the center and the minutes is shown in a round manner, similar with the minute position on a clock face. Well, not really an Alien-watch this time, but should still make some one confuse figuring out the time for the first time.


As a bonus, the concept also stating that UV Index LCD watch will also coming with built-in alarm clock. Watch the following video for more details:

[via TokyoFlash]

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