XCM XFPS Commando PRO Keyboard And Mouse For FPS Games

Nothing beats the convenient of keyboard + mouse combo in playing fps games, really. I’ve had hard time bashing my dualshock 3 controller playing CoD and I’m totally not liking the experience. I play FPS game a lot on computer, and just love that WASD keys and mouse click because it offers much more accuracy. That’s why I think it’s better if there is some kind of keyboard + mouse combo made for console that could leverage the gaming experience.


Today, XCM XFPS Commando PRO has been introduced and I think it’s one of the long waited piece of equipment for console fps fraggers. XCM XFPS Commando PRO is designed exclusively for FPS games on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles. This controller combo is coming with two separated devices. One for the left hand is a keypad containing bunch of customizable keys (18 of them) and there is a small thumbstick for console like rumble stick for moving around in the game. To the right hand side, XCM XFPS Commando PRO offering high sensitivity optical mouse with custom X, circle, triangle and square bottom at the sideways of the mouse. Just like what you’ve seen on controller like FragFX or Aimon have.

However, XCM XFPS Commando PRO is offering better customization over the keypad side. I love to see how it works on a PS3 console (because I don’t own an Xbox 360). Unfortunately, there is no info on pricing yet. It will be go on sale soon at several online retailers, including Amazon.

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