Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Portable HDD

Very soon, Seagate GoFlex Satellite is going to get a rival from Kingston. Kingston has reported that they are going to roll out their new portable storage solution called Wi-Drive wireless storage.


Kingston Wi-Drive WiFi wireless portable HDD is designed for portable iDevices like iPad, iPhone and iPod only. No Android devices are included in the list, sadly. However, for just a mere 16GB or 32GB extra wireless storage device, I think I’d want to get a 32GB microSD card instead, or just stay with Seagate GoFlex Satellite that has storage capacity up to 500GB.

Similar with Seagate’s, Kingston Wi-Drive wireless storage is run with a rechargeable battery that would last for 4 hours of continuous use. The storage itself support most file type you have in your PC, like video, audio, image and various kind of document formats.

Kingston Wi-Drive will come with a dedicated app where you can install it on your iDevices, and it’s used for browsing the the files stored on the wireless storage. Currently, Kingston offer no pricing details yet on Wi-Drive wireless portable HDD. However, you can read more details of the specification on their official site, or you can watch the following video for more details about this Wi-Drive:

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