Canon Camera Lens Mugs Looks Cool For All-Class Photographers

The idea of sipping coffee using camera lens was introduced in 2008. We have had the chance to featured that concept and it looks exceptionally good.

Later in 2010, 100Miligrams has made the concept into a reality with slightly different design without the handle and featuring Nikkor lens. $15 is definitely worth it if you are a fans, and you can easily find place in your camera bag to stuff in this mug.


Now, after a year passed, new variation of Camera Lens mugs has been made available again! This time, it’s from PhotoJojo who previously has created the nice Camera Lens Pots for plants. PhotoJojo’s camera lens are designed to look like a 24-105mm Canon lens, while the other one is similar to 70-200mm lens.


Even it’s a camera lens, it is just a dummy lens with nothing but the deceptive appearance. These Canon Camera Lens mugs are made available for $24 (24-105mm) and $30 (70-200mm) at PhotoJojo. If you think you can’t live without holding a camera lens, you should really consider to get one of this to cure your weird sickness :)

Head on over to PhotoJojo for more details.

[via Gizmodo]

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