JVC Victor Audio System For iPhone and iPad

If you are Apple fans that have bought both iPhone and iPad, you”ll love this type of charger dock that come complete with audio system and CD player. JVC just launched their Victor Audio Systems, which known as UX-VJ5 and UX-VJ3.


Both share the same functionality. JVC Victor audio system is coming with a stereo flat speakers at both side, where the iPad and iPhone could be docked in the center position, to a special dock for both devices. The iPad can be docked on both landscape and portrait position, while the iPhone have to stay firm on portrait position. Once docked, JVC Victor Audio system will recharge both devices all at once, while you can play music from your iPad or iPhone library using the speaker systems.

Even better, it has a built-in CD player that you can use to play your favorite CD. The CD tray is hidden behind the iPad in the above image, and it’s only available in UX-VJ5 model. The plus point of this CD player is that it can rip the CD into MP3 and store it on external hard drive. The device has built-in USB port where you can hook it up with your external storage system.

Both JVC Victor UX-VJ5 and Victor UX-VJ3 Audio System has come with 15W dual speakers, have audio inputs and video outputs that you can hook up with your TV or external display.

JVC Victor Audio System should hit Japan soon, but we have got no information about the pricing and when it will arrive at the US of A.

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