Canon DSLR Camera Penny Bank

This week is filled with weird stuff around a DSLR Lens. First, we have seen the updated of Canon DSLR Lens Mugs, then the DSLR Lens Pillow, and another nice DSLR adapter for iPhone from PhotoJojo. So you might think, what’s coming up next?

Here is the answer – a Canon DSLR Camera piggy bank.


I guess I don’t have to make a deep explanation, do I? It’s pretty self-explanatory. This Canon DSLR Camera penny bank will help you save your coins and store it inside the DSLR Lens (with big hollow space inside) instead of letting you snap and store pictures.

The price starts at $22.50, if you are interested, hit the product page link below to get one. It’s also nice for a decoy or prank to fool your friends.

[Product Page via DVICE]

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