Numark And Algoriddim Release iDJ Live DJ Controller For iPad and iPhone

We have seen a lot of DJ accessories/controller for iPhone but none of them are as professional as this new DJ device made by Numark and Algoriddim.


Known as iDJ Live DJ controller, this device is capable of mixing and scratching music that is on the iTunes library, using Algoriddim’s special apps called “DJay” app.

iDJ Live DJ controller featuring two large performance platters for two hands mixing, and the center mixer section has come complete with a crossfader. This DJ controller is compatible on both iPad and iPhone with DJay App as the only apps to take full control of the device.

The DJay app will cost a bit high at $20, while the device itself is costing $100 a pop. Not really an expensive accessories if you love DJ stuffs.

[via CisionWire, UberGizmo]

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