Posture Pad Will Correct Your Sitting Postures

posture-pad-detecting-sitting-posturePosture Pad, a new chair pad prototype developed by a group of high school kids called Back Straight Boys is going to teach user how to sit properly. Often, if you are the kind to work in a long hours in front of the computer will feel the back pains. There several reasons to that and sitting posture is one of them.

Their Posture Pad will tell user to properly when an improper posture has been detected. The Posture Pad is a device that make uses of sensors and microcomputers in the seat pad to check on the users posture and transmit the data to the computer to provide instant feedback. When the posture is incorrect, the software will tell the user by emitting tone and the posture pad will vibrates.

The Back straight Boys group is currently seeking for support from those who are interested to bring this Posture Pad out from it’s prototype pad. They are hoping that their project will be in time for a presentation at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society later in this year. Well, we are wishing them a good luck because such a gadget is crucial for use who never seem to get away from the chair sitting all day long in front of computer.

[via UberGizmo]

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