Elecom Nendo Oppopet Wireless Mouse Has A Tail!

If you are telling kids that never heard about PC mouse to hold the mouse to interact with their computer, they’ll might asking:”Where is the mouse? Why there is no tail?”
Well, I’m imagine something funny here. But it’s true that it’s kind of wired why people name it “Mouse” anyway.

If you happen to teach kids to recognize their computer on the first time, this type of wireless mouse from Elecom might be pretty helpful.


This time, the mouse is really a “mouse” with tail! Yep, Elecom even goes further providing several type of animal with matching color, like the pig in orange, Fox in brown, monkey in black. They looks very cute with the tail on the mouse!

These cute mouse from Elecom is designed by Oki Sato, which also known as Nendo from Tokyo. His creativity is really remarkable. I really love how the tail is end up being the cute transmitter that people should plug into the laptop USB port in order to work. Not only the mouse is cute, the laptop is now having a tail, too!

Elecom Nendo OppoPet is using 2.4GHz wireless mouse technology that will work like charm within the range of 10 meters (when battery is full), it comes with three buttons and on color matching (with the tail) scroll wheel.

One AAA battery will worth 69 hours of playtime, or about 75 days of standby time. If you are interested, these Elecom Nendo Oppopet wireless mouse is available in eight models: Pig, Fox, dog, whale, cat, squirrel, charmeleon and rabbit. Sadly, there is no pricing details for these cutesy yet. Hopefully, GeekStuff4U will import them so worldwide user can enjoy these cute mouse.

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