NeoStitch: The DIY Cross Stitch iPhone 4 Case

Connect Design from Korea has come up with an interesting iPhone 4 case where you can add your own creativity into the case. It’s a cross stitch iPhone 4 case called NeoStitch, where the case is actually a cross stitch baseplate. You can add anytype of art in this stitch baseplate and you are getting one accompanying needle, three coils of threads in three different colors (sky blue, gray and pink) and a description to help you get started.


Of course, you’ll have to know how to make a cross stitch before you can actually put something in the blank space. If you are lucky, your girlfriend might know how to do it. Or if you are married, ask your wife if she can teach you how to cross stitch.



This NeoStitch iPhone 4 case is available in six different colors and it’s only $18 if you want to get one. Though I’m not sure if Connect Design do International shipping or not. I’ve checked on their shipping page but I can’t find more details information about it.

[via Gadgetsin]

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