Taylor’s Coloured Kitchen Knife Block

The kitchen is not a boring moms-playground if you know how to spice things up. There are a lot of cute and strange things to make the kitchen fun now, you just need to find them anyway, and spend some money to turn the kitchen a better place for non-moms to stay longer.

If you the type who love something colorful and dandy, Firebox has entered a Taylor’s Coloured Kitchen Knife block that guaranteed you’ll love to use them.


Taylor’s Coloured kitchen knife block is made by a company called Taylor of Sheffield, a company who has made lots of high grade knives since 1838. Which mean the quality are ensured by their business presence for more than hundred years of history.

What interesting is the colorful blade that masked the dull stainless steel knife away from the sight, giving all cheerful taste and they are still cut like champs when you need them to. In fact, the the knife is still using stainless steel on the inner side beneath the non-stick colorful coating.


What’s in the box:

  • Purple chefs knife 19cm
  • Pink bread knife 19cm
  • Blue carving knife 19cm
  • Orange all purpose knife 13cm
  • Green paring knife 9cm

Go ahead get one at Firebox for £34.99 if you are interested. It has come with its own plastic knife block made with crystal clear acrylic.

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