WINGStand iPad Stand Concept At KickStarter

A guy called Daniel Haarburger has just submitted a great concept to KickStarter to raise fund for his project. He introduced us to his WINGStand iPad Stand, which is not just for iPad alone.


WINGStand iPad stand is simple stand that looks pretty fragile, but it’s actually an useful stand that people can use it on any type of tablet, cell phone or smartphones they have in order to sync up with wireless bluetooth keyboard. In this term, WINGStand iPad stand is compatible with wireless Apple keyboard only.

What’s great is that WINGStand is compatible with iPad, iPad , iPhone or any tablets on the market even they have the jacket or case on, and it’s working on both portrait and landscape mode.


“The WINGStand was designed to give tablets the same interactive capabilities as actual computers. Because touch screen devices have always lacked a tactile interface, it has been impossible to write with them as if they were computer.”

If you are interested, head on over to Kickstarter to help Daniel. Depend on how much you pledge, you’ll get special treat on a certain amount of dollars that you have pledged.

[via GeekyGadgets]

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