Like Hanger, Because Dislike Does Not Exist

Well, it’s very true if you’ve been “Facebooking” for some time. I really can’t see any dislike link or button on the interface. It seems they are not exist at all, and if you are dislike the article, the people or the event, just leave them alone. All that Facebook care is who and what you love and like, anyway.


Perhaps it’s inspired by the positivity media, Meninos has come up with a nice thumb up hanger that looks so much like the like button in Facebook. It’s blue thick border, 8-bit style that looks so much like Doraemon’s hand when trying give thumb up to Nobita. Well, sorry to bring up a kid’s story. Just can’t resist it. :)

Anyway, this Like Hanger is made with acrylic, sturdy enough to screw into the wall and hand any heavy coat you have. But no, it won’t automatically set your facebook account to like something you dislike when you push it. It’s just a hanger anyway.

If you are interested to get one, this Like hanger is available for $39.90 at Meninos. Kinda expensive, eh?

Alternatively, if you are trying to be funny, you can get this toilet plunger hanger.

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