Tether Steamware Saver: Make Wine Glass Dishwasher-Proof

Have you ever tried to put the wine glass into your dishwasher for easy clean up? If you have ever, you might have had the best experience since the result is that your expensive wine glass will shatter to pieces when the dishwasher is working. However, if you are still trying to find way to wash the glass with your dishwasher, look no further. Quirky has the solution and it’s a simple one that you could never thought of.


Designer/Inventor Gary Rose from Chicago has come up with the idea of what he called “Tether Steamware Saver” which will stabilize the wine glasses inside the dishwasher with the help of a flexible silicone rod. With the silicone rod, the wine glass will no move away from its position and shakes won’t shatter the glass..

Check out the following video for more details.


Tether steamware saver is only $12.99 and it’s currently available at Quirky.

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